Salut à Toi

The Universal Communication Ecosystem

Salut à Toi is a all-in-one tool to manage all your communications needs: instant messaging, (micro)blogging, file sharing, events, forums, tasks management, etc.

  • chat with your friends, family or coworkers
  • encrypt conversations to protect your privacy
  • blog publicly or only with a group of contacts
  • share files directly (peer to peer) or store them on your server and access them from anywhere
  • share private photos albums with your family
  • create and manage events
  • organise your work using tickets handler
  • works natively on desktop (not a disguised web browser)
  • works natively on mobile devices (Android)
  • works on the web
  • most of web pages can be viewed without javascript enabled, improving security (javascript is used when available)
  • powerful command-line interface
  • cross-platform
  • highly modular and customisable

Salut à Toi is a Libre software, based on well established standards (XMPP), decentralised and federating. It is developed around strong ethical values. Check our social contract.

  • we follow a social contract, a moral engagement with the community
  • "Salut a Toi" is also the name of the association which manage the project.
    Major decisions are debated there.



If you are on GNU/Linux the recommended way to install SàT is to use your distribution official packages. Please check your distribution to see if Salut à Toi is available (and request it if it's not). SàT is available at least on Arch Linux and Debian and its derivated.

If SàT is not available or the version is too old, you can use Flatpak (which may be installed by default on some recent distributions) to install it, see below.


Those packages are development preview, they are not stable and bugs and crashes may happen

If the links above are not working, you can use the following commands (supposing that Flatpak is already installed):

flatpak install --user
flatpak install --user
flatpak install --user


This package is a development preview, it is not stable and bugs and crashes may happen

Source Code

If you have some technical ability, you can also install directly from source code, please check documentation for details


Please note that:

  • Libervia, the web frontend, must be installed from source code, please check documentation for more details
  • There are Docker images, but outdated, so we don't list them here. We'll update them as soon as possible.
  • Salut à Toi may be installable on many platforms, contact us if you want to see it on a specific one